Welcome to Van Voorden Foundry

Van Voorden Foundry is a modern Dutch foundry producing large-scale complex castings to the highest quality standards. Van Voorden can cast up to 32 tons of material, ferrous and non-ferrous and operates in a wide variety of industries.


 Segments Alloys
Van Voorden Foundry is active within a wide range of industrial market segments:We work with numerous ferrous and
non-ferrous materials:
* Dredging & Mining  * Cast steel
* Shipbuilding* Cast Iron
* Offshore Energy* Stainless Steel   
* Heavy Machinery* Nickel-aluminium-Bronze  
* Petrochemical 


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Part of a greater whole

Van Voorden Foundry is part of Andus Group, an international operating holding company. The subsidiaries of Andus Group have one aim: Serving the industry. And they have one characteristic in common: to be the best within their own specialisation. On specific projects, group companies work together, combining their experience and resources. The ambition is clear: the Andus Group companies are always aiming to achieve maximum client satisfaction.This requires high quality, experienced and skilled project management and the use of innovative methods when designing, producing and realising projects. That is why Andus Group can continue to further strengthen their possibilities at the top of the different market segments.





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