Dredging and Mining

The Dredging & Mining industry requires high-grade casted products in wear-resistant alloys. Van Voorden Foundry manufactures a large variety of high-alloyed castings like pump casings, double walled pipelines, impellers and other high wear resistant parts.

cast up to 32 tons of material

wide range of alloys

Cast steel : low-and high alloy, improved weldability, resistant to low temperature and wear-resistant

Cast Iron : Lamellar, nodular, austenitic and wear-resistant


Stainless Steel : heat-resistant, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant


The alloys above all must be resistant to the abrasive wear that occurs a lot with pump systems in the dredging and mining industry, for example. Depending on the conditions we advise: 


White cast iron: Bainitic nodular, Nihard, Mohard®, CW 250, WD28G, WD29G

Cast steel: GS30Mn5, GS32CrNiMo14.4.2, GS 47VA, GS 47VA-S

Mohard® was developed in our own laboratory and has unique properties, specifically its wear-resistance.